• Covid 19 Certification

    Covid 19 Certification


1. Pre-trip COVID Testing As COVID tests become increasingly common, it's crucial to fulfill any pre-trip COVID test requirements before your journey. Ensure compliance by checking both declaration and pass requirements. Utilize Corporate Traveller's travel map to confirm you're not traveling to or from a COVID-19 hotspot.

2. Selecting Policy-Compliant Suppliers The past year has emphasized the importance of traveler safety and satisfaction. Benchmark your current policy by engaging suppliers who adhere to clear hygiene standards and safety protocols. Confirm that your accommodations meet hygiene standards and clarify guidelines for utilizing public transport or services like Uber for Business.

3. Ground Transportation Protocols COVID-safe regulations for ground transportation vary by location, necessitating attention to physical distancing and face-covering requirements. Consider mandating a specific supplier or method to ensure consistent safety measures for you and your travelers.

4. Emergency Contact and 24/7 Assistance Whether facing a pandemic or not, having an internal emergency contact is essential for swift assistance during travel. Familiarize yourself with your Travel Management Company's (TMC) 24/7 assistance number or access assistance via an app for peace of mind.

5. Strategic Partnerships The success of any business hinges on its partnerships. In the travel realm, the value of such relationships has been amplified during the pandemic's dynamic landscape. Appreciate the importance of a responsive after-hours service or a proactive Travel Manager who prioritizes your safety and well-being.

6. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Mask wearing is compulsory at all domestic airports and on flights. Ensure you have an ample supply of masks and personal hand sanitizer for your journey.

7 Review Cancellation Policies With evolving travel restrictions, it's wise to review cancellation policies for airlines and accommodations. Trusted travel partners can facilitate bookings with flexibility and inform you of cancellation policies to avoid unnecessary fees.

8. Risk Management The pandemic underscored the importance of duty of care and traveler safety. Partner with a trusted supplier offering 24/7 assistance and develop a robust risk management strategy and duty of care plan to mitigate potential risks.

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