• International Travel Guideline

    International Travel Guideline


AtAPJ Tours, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our travelers. As international travel resumes, it's crucial to adhere to comprehensive guidelines to ensure a smooth and secure journey. Here's what you need to know before you  on your next international trip:

1. Pre-trip Planning

  • Research entry requirements: Familiarize yourself with the entry requirements of your destination country, including visa regulations, COVID-19 testing protocols, and any quarantine measures.
  • Travel advisories: Stay informed about travel advisories issued by your government and health organizations regarding your destination's COVID-19 situation and any other potential risks.
  • Booking flexibility: Opt for airlines and accommodations with flexible booking policies to accommodate any unexpected changes to your travel plans.

2. Health and Safety Protocols

  • COVID-19 vaccination: Check if COVID-19 vaccination is required or recommended for entry into your destination country. Ensure you carry proof of vaccination if applicable.
  • Pre-trip COVID-19 testing: Complete any required pre-trip COVID-19 testing according to the regulations of your destination country. Ensure timely testing to avoid travel disruptions.
  • Health insurance: Obtain comprehensive travel health insurance that covers COVID-19-related medical expenses and emergencies during your trip.

3. Hygiene and Sanitation

  • Personal hygiene: Practice good hygiene habits, including frequent handwashing, wearing masks in crowded areas, and using hand sanitizer.
  • Sanitation protocols: Select accommodations and transportation providers that adhere to rigorous hygiene and sanitation protocols to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

4. Travel Documents and Identification

  • Passport validity: Ensure your passport has sufficient validity remaining for the duration of your trip, including any additional validity required by your destination country.
  • Visa requirements: Obtain the necessary visas and permits for entry into your destination country well in advance of your travel date. Verify visa application procedures and processing times.
  • Digital copies: Make digital copies of your important travel documents, including your passport, visa, itinerary, and travel insurance policy. Store them securely in a password-protected digital folder accessible offline.

5. Communication and Emergency Contacts

  • Emergency contact information: Save the contact information of your embassy or consulate in your destination country and any local emergency services. Carry a copy of this information with you at all times.
  • Stay connected: Maintain communication with your loved ones back home and update them about your travel itinerary and contact details.

6. Cultural Sensitivity and Respect

  • Cultural norms: Familiarize yourself with the cultural norms and customs of your destination country to avoid inadvertently causing offense or misunderstanding.
  • Respect local regulations: Follow local laws, customs, and regulations during your stay in the destination country, including COVID-19-related guidelines and restrictions.

7. Environmental Considerations

  • Sustainable travel: Minimize your environmental impact by practicing responsible and sustainable travel habits, such as reducing waste, conserving water and energy, and supporting local communities and businesses.

8. Stay Informed and Flexible

  • Monitor developments: Stay informed about evolving travel restrictions, health advisories, and COVID-19 updates for your destination country. Be prepared to adjust your travel plans accordingly.
  • Flexibility: Maintain flexibility in your itinerary and travel arrangements to adapt to changing circumstances or unexpected disruptions during your trip.

9. Return Travel and Quarantine Protocols

  • Return requirements: Familiarize yourself with any return requirements, including COVID-19 testing, quarantine, or isolation protocols, imposed by your home country upon your return from international travel.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with all return travel and quarantine protocols to facilitate a smooth transition back home and minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 to others.

10. Travel Responsibly and Mindfully

  • Responsible tourism: Respect the natural environment, local communities, and cultural heritage of your destination. Support sustainable tourism initiatives and make conscious choices to minimize your impact on the environment and local resources.

11. Emergency Assistance and Support

  • 24/7 support: Stay connected with your travel management company or agency for round-the-clock assistance and support during your international travels. Reach out for help in case of emergencies, travel disruptions, or unexpected challenges.

12. Reflect and Share

  • Reflect on your experience: Take time to reflect on your international travel experience, including lessons learned, cultural insights gained, and memorable moments shared. Share your experiences with others to inspire and inform future travelers.

By following these comprehensive international travel guidelines, you can embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that you're well-prepared and equipped to navigate the complexities of international travel safely and responsibly.

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